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About Sequanta Technologies
Headquartered in the Waigaoqiao Bonded Area of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone, and equipped with a central laboratory spanning over 3000 m², as well as large-scale high-throughput sequencing platforms, Sequanta Technologies is a development, validation and testing analysis service provider capable of conducting over 300 CLIA/CAP/ISO15189 compliant, flexible, and customized professional tests. The company, with its outstanding sequencing technology, has expanded its service coverage from conventional genomics and transcriptomics to proteomics and microbiomics and has developed a set of multi-omics integrated analysis solutions.
Sequanta Technologies is at the forefront of tumor immunity, cell and gene therapies and is committed to providing supportive services for pathogenesis study, target and biomarker discovery, and standardized tests to pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, and academic research institutions at preclinical study, clinical trial, and post-marketing stages.
  • 600000+
    Various types of samples
  • 1000+
    Project experience
  • 800+
    Establish cooperation with research institutes, pharmaceutical companies, and biotechnology firms
  • 100+
    Types of covered diseases
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Solutions for Genetic Disorder
Solutions for Genetic Disorder
Solutions for PDX models
Solutions for PDX models
Solutions for Vaccine
Solutions for Vaccine
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